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* Read before the Dublin University Biological Association on Thursday,
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A herniated portion of intestine contains fluid and gas ; by removing these
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ganglion cells as the afferent system of the trunk.
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nerves or wires connecting the brain with all parts of the body.
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systolic expansion of the brain within the closed cranium is rendered
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phorus derived from the nuclein of disintegrated leucocytes, v.
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gruel, raw eggs, prunes, lettuce, and endive, are good for
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Mr. Nunneley, Surgeon of Leeds, has announced as the result of a se-
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and allow the escape of the almost microscopic embryo
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much as the surface from which the bullet ricochetted
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planus papules, or the patient subsequently had attacks of lichen planus.
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Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
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or is more marked on one side than on the other. Complete
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is seen in this specimen to be the displaced greater trochanter, fractured
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(= gr. X. of the acid) yrere given every three hours.
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Tumors, reports some interesting cases of this strange disease