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Essentials of Gynecology. By Edward B. Cragin, M, D.

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hours. After the swelling had subsided, the patient

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should be condemned. This makes it necessary to arrive

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and usually their resisting power is about equivalent to that of the

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A particular symptom in Glanders is, that as the disease develops the

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periods, in which misery or a horrible burning of the skin may drive him

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degeneration than increased reaction to the anode. After a time the

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110. A wound must be treated in some measure according to the

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and in this opinion the author agrees, that, "inflammation is n'ot necessarily

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lelism between the iocHne content of thyroid and its physiological

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by the learned Professor and others were incidentally attached as the

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irregular and jagged in character, with or without con-

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fily and more frequently come out at the anus •, efpe-

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tive patients, catarrh, bronchial difficulty, or sud-

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vity of the pericardium, irritated the heart, it was no

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congratulations the little Circular No. 2, issued on

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incision, a circumstance still better corroborated,

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A large incision was made posterior to the uterus, and the sac

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feeling well, but with no very distinct symptoms. The

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and the dressings were re-applied. The local treatment was

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and discomfort at test site may be relieved by cold packs or by

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"Preston Kyes: Ueber die Wirkungsweise des Cobragiftes, Berl. klin. Woch.,

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is of importance in reference to the diagnosis of gonorrhoea by microscopical

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milk, but sweet milk and cream sparingly. However, there

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with the probable short stay of the regiment on the