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7. Kolle, W., Zur Frage der Serumtherapie der Cholera asiatica, Deutsch. med.

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the N. Y. S. Medical Association, with the understanding that this stipu-

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Consequently, while the hypothesis of immunity through incidence

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What is the potential liability exposure of a physician who

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comfort until the 22nd of January, four months after operation,

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realize his own ideal. This we regret, but we must wait and hope.

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the slightest doubt that they will end by compelling belief, through

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silkworm, it can be proved true that diseases arise

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cases are reported as equally successful under the same

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the Fourth Class Students in the Harvard Medical School, by

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It belongs to the same natural order as the golden-rod, aster,

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land was filled with them — according to Scriptural account — which seems

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called to see a sick child, and found a well developed case of

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from the inflamed part, the cooling of a large mass of blood

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