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The large nose and thick fingers and the feet are fairly characteristic of

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into a thick batter. Butter square tin pans, fill them about

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Gastroscopy. — Rosenheim (Deal. Med. Woch., November 7, 1895,) first

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also disappeared. This was a curious fact. The tumor

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swollen, the latter often with an acute erythematous inflammatory con-

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openings, and the operation completed by dry heated air, so

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gree of success. Inoculation produces not the disease, but a

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5. Be G-entle in Speech. — Swearing will not correct an error, mend a batter, clean a roller, or

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Straw used as bedding needs no consideration here, the

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whose functions shall consist in the power to examine into the mental and

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Case X. — ^April 12, 1888. — Ada D., aged 30, household.

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of the matter contained in the official reports of superintend-

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on the Anatomy of the Kidney, Albuminuria, and the Urin-

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of the mammoth cow " Lady Washington," which occurred on the 8th

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Psora, — Scabies — Scab. When a sheep or flock of

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common, especially in bad weather. The latter is a serious com-

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&c., &c.; '^ "^ since loss of power, spasm, anaesthesia, and neural-

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malabsorption states (e g . cystic fibrosis), alcoholism, and patients on prolonged

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It seems probable that Sollmann is correct in his conclusions that

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the monkey, 48, and of the eagle, 160. It was impossible to

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enteric bacillus is recoverable up to and on the eighty-seventh

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and vicissitudes of opinion. Thus, were the Houyhnhnms

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seen by standing to one side of the limb and lookiag di-

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time. All the principles on which it must rest to be entitled to pub-

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at least an hour in the water, and then lie sweating for several

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the wound nearly closed and feeling penectly well The