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and flourish best in media free from organic matter.

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as Bergson has pointed out, result from " relaxed consciousness,"

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J. Gerard Levesque, d.d.s., Clinical Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry.

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be had at the earliest possible moment in order that the best mode of

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words." On the whole it may be stated that, in spite of his grave afFec-

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a mere taste of Dr. Poore's delightful book ; the reader

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Dr. Smith was lineally descended from William Smith,

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Mr. A. Morisson, of London, (Nouveau Journ. de Med. &.c. t. vi. p. 105;) M.

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Medical Journal, Chicago, 111., vol. 24, $2 per annum,

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of apoplexy, or nearly three sevenths or 42 per cent, of all the

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on her hands and knees at 15 months, and she was 2 years old before

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felt either in the anterior or posterior tibial arteries ; the

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but much sound and useful matter of a somewhat miscellaneous

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tions one by one. Correspondents are also requested not to simply

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to tie the middle thyroid vein. The next step in the operation

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him as well as for the students. At any. rate, it is a fact that

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The Transactions of the society are published annually.

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says the worth of the albumoses and peptones de})ends

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body. He must realize that only on this higher plane is it possible to

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abolished female labour in the processes of the manufacture of white lead.

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although it must be admitted that eff"ects, both locally and generally

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reliance, and a very little of which in an exigency goes a long

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water from a very old well which was sunk under the

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Hypnosis may be defined as a psychical condition in which

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expenditure of funds through centuries of naval warfare.

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journals. M. Boudin's views were, however, by no means generally received ; and some

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Certain facts of experiment, as well as of clinical observation, have

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an estimated population of 11,404,408, for the week ending

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entire left side of the beard being a mass of cnists. Epilation and

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psychic excitation caused dilatation of the heart. The case seemed un-

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substance abuse and addiction, who approach impaired physicians with advocacy and experience.

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knowledge from the mistakes and mishaps of others, and are

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