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official possible and which fits its members for that position.

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who have been invalided on account of wounds of this nature, in

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it was with difficulty that the finger could be made to reach the

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advertisements will be received. The subscription price is

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treatment necessary for eradication. Voila! Multidrug-

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used more than before and the nitrogen excretion becomes greater. We

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tion of that portion of the placenta which is accessible by the finger to be the

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is after middle age that we find the chief liability to such hsemorrhage.

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offers a different explanation of the phenomena. He supposes

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the one remittent, arising from atmospherical influence

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way, the arguments are stronger than ever before for operating with as

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but its description of the symptomatology of disease, al-

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1837 and 1840 there were in the winter 9,095 deaths, in the spring 9,470, in

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In practice, the term '^ shock" includes the complex of symptoms

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cilage, and other nutricious matter, apples contain vegetable

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pulse may not show much change, and yet the temperature be much

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capacity. As the cerebral asthenia of the patients was manifested in a


private enterprise. Educational work of this type might well be

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results. Few have accounted for patients without telephones. We conducted a controlled clinical trial to study the effect of

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the anterior commissure, or in the posterior central gray matter, or in a

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stairway led to the hay-loft above, another to the manure cellar

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deira, and placed himself under the care of a Portuguese

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corpuscle shrinks and approaches the nucleus which it may touch ;

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time alluded to antiseptic surgery was becoming popular, and its

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member seemed to regard this great national reunion as an

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Unusual interest in this subject of pure milk has been

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EMMA HILLIER, aged 14, stout, plethoric, of dark hair and eyes,

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thirty-six hours, and was cured solely by the exhibition of large

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quantity of light urine, she lost, on an average, 17.90 gnns. of albumen daily.

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nutrition and repair. It must be stable, and yet not too stable,

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being 60, 88, 188, and 352 respectively. In London the diarrhoeal

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