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This labour, though somewhat troublesome, yet is much

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duced, the head of the bone slips in with a jerk and an

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pulsations in each wrist were regular, and numbered 76 ;

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taint clings to those who have acquired it, and the length of time which

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of the Poor, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, Miss C. Violet Kirkpatrick

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gave me the first idea of the medical virtues of this valu-

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occurred in the one, it will be found to have occurred

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cite only one case that fell under my care. Called to see Mrs.

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of the profession of the city of New York, and having

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dation,^^ the theory is now advanced that the limitation

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curetting the middle ear proper, but opens the antrum

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them together every time that their advice would have been desir-

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of neoplasm necrotic and degenerative changes are almost constant.

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Thus this subject of animal protozoa is looming up in

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stand that they should live up faithfully to their contracts. With his pure


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Society in February, 189S,* I tried clearly to define my views M to

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that very hot water was used to check hemorrhage in Case 2; also very

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lead others to test their value and prompt investigation in a new direction.

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titioner, who aflQrmed the diagnosis, and directed generous

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It was usually quiet and a little hurried, but sometimes be-

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3. Crookes L, Hoenniger J, Arakawa M, Kaufman L, McRee F

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tured to make, and this is as to the peculiarities of Dr. Markoe's style.

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remained concealed. He further informs me that on reco-

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* In the enervated age cf Athens^ a law was paflcd which

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was great muscular rigidity. Almost all the muscles of his body were much

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tinuously over the scar, and has not changed its structure.

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toms every forty-eight or seventy-two hours. Quotidian

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from the base. Both with unusually large showy flowers conspi(

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patient, W. W. P., had none in it. The former died inside of four

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stances by the action of an organized ferment — apparently the

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frequency with which patients come complaining of some fancied

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drachms; but the symptoms were so alanning that he never

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is also worthy of note that many old people with weak circulation have darkly

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to the action of the normal autoagglutinin on an antigen (the red

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nent reasoning that sent Galileo to prison in order to

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bits 27 and 28 were carefully studied with reference to agglutinin production and