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according to the method of Folin and Denis,^ using titration and dis-
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is easy to treat a considerable number of patients in a comparatively
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light ptifan, or barley-water, and this to be taken
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but when it comes to a question of which one is likely to do it
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than half the usual work of stirring and tending will be saved,
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have graduated well for a civil veterinarian ; must be twenty-four
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spider-cells in general paralysis, and in other diseased conditions of the
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less, particularly if it is the first attack and they are afraid some
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the stomach by its loc-il action due to its sedative and antiseptic effects, and
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lesions. Local infections were proved to be possible without a general
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Internal Medicine : January, March, June and August,
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In the dog, this plan of operation is not usually successful, since
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the indication is to tampon the whole internal cavity
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the most virulent species for the more common laboratory animals.
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order, viz., a retroversion with pelvic cellulitis,
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1. Refusal of food. — This is the first symptom usually noticed
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conferences, and share in the care of patients under
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constantly present, except on three occasions. One of these was the
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the pregnancy was ectopic. When abortion occurs, it is probable that
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But I find, with regret, that by some this important discovery has
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series. The symptoms show no special difference from those of the serous
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for this injury. Sometimes there are certain signs which point at
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leg and was conveyed to the Birkenhead Borough Hospital. In a Northern
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M. Landouzv asked whether veterinarians are certain
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mal condition, are susceptible to amative desires and emotions, and
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rabbits and when typical "takes" have been produced, and all other
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you would other cattle, to keep them in the best condition.