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of diseases will not be diminished by this improved and enlarged edition. It has been carefully and

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might have been anticipated under the circumstances of a tropical

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1. Soft Parts. — Concussion and contusion of the chest without evidence

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handle. One wound entered at the ninth interspace in the axillary

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former fellow-prisoners of the wonderful things to be seen in the

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A particular symptom in Glanders is, that as the disease develops the

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been avoided. To say that these patients all get well

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varying in size from the thickness of a match to the size

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The situation is, however, not quite the same in mitral stenosis.

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Within the last few years I have had under my care three cases of

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of space occupied by the respective bullets, though hardly to be

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with the rolling pin. Firmly skewer the pinion at right side

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whether inherent in the soil itself or caused by percolation

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fearful disease. It is in no slight degree gratifying to be able to ac-

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twenty-grain doses, is often efficacious. Combinations of alka-

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and form of the foot. Contraction is almost always, in its first

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bites, and two grains of calomel and one grain of opium every six

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the chest in the largest manner. These instruments are made sometimes

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5th. For some days (4 to 23) no change occurs, and then the

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7 :30 A.M. — Committee on First Aid and Red Cross . .

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The following experiment, originally undertaken with a view of estimat-

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shape of the red corpuscles, which arranged themselves into characteristic

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burg; Radiographer to St. John's Hospital, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

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are of value, the employment of this method would result in great

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bowel, the adjoining parts being coated with liquia fteces. As

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If neglected, it follows the connective tissues into the intermuscular

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sider it much more important to speak with accuracy about these

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(3) The final destruction of old blood corpuscles, probably after

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