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existed a whole year. After death the right hemisphere was found intact.
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Laennec, meanwhile, having failed to find in the hydatids of man the
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to avoid everything that increases the inflammation of
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often seen filled with remains of blood, while nowhere else is any-
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miscellaneous — other than those having a direct surgical interest
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impossible, seeing the regularity with which these edges are formed,
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103. 1. Platoons, 2. Right (Left) front into line, 3. MARCH, 4.
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*Read before the Southern Surgical and Gynaecological
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which is in harmony with the nutritional effects of the
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chronic. Slight hypersemia and oedema of the optic disc is,
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Such agents and means we do not want, for the plain reason that
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it seems to be difficult to maintain, and wnich would be
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London papers published an article in which not only was the
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mer giving Congo red and chrysamin, 'the most important discovery of
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ing our rooms ; (3) to ruin our health by vitiation of
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use of well bred sires and dams in preference to the
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provision for the teaching of the principles and practice of ventilation
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necticut Medical Society, ens held in the M< dical College in the
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a year. While speaking of uterine fundal swellings, it may not be out of place
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in uterus after washing, and put on warm milk or mucilage or linseed tea
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ing an ulcer or cutting away part of the arytenoid swelling.
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sor Richard Heschel, of Vienna, states that an examination of