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but they were unavailing, and death took place. At the post-

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but says the headache has returned as severe as before ;

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left lung was about one-third as large as the right, and divided

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will make the hair come white. Proved a rare cure."

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of 30 cases due to the same course, 6 were mentally deficient or

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drain, and has been badly constipated tor three years, being obliged to take medicine weekly for the

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dose for an adult man of good constitution and average strength as 45

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Hospital in New York. As to the influence of sex, perforation occurs more

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Nor was sympathy with a progressive health programme so wide-

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Velocity Pulse. Much ingenuity has been displayed in the elabora-

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of the uterus at the close of all the intra-uterine

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urine that would be materially benefited by omitting this

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wall or, more frequently, in the posterior, in which case it must

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Health Officer Jenkins is to be congratulated upon the prompt-

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For urobilin Ehrlich's aldehyde test was employed on oxalate

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thousands of cases of real disease where Hahnemann saw

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the head and trunk falls a little behind the centre

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Privet, two oases of poisoning by leaves of the. By J. D. Moore, M.D 93

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course, but not many will he reckon in his memory of hours spent in

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portant errors in the training of children ; unsuitable civil laws

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growth composed of large, slightly oval, granular cells, with

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tered districts of England, where the average duration of life is

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for these unfortunate outcasts. A visit forces upon

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Irish death-rate at certain ages treads closely on the heels of

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expression of the face is haggard and hopeless, the appe-

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Treatment. Feed the horse well, and give fifteen drops

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from various authors, the disease appears to have arisen from