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were inclined to take a veiT hopeless view of organic diseases

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irregular in outline, and either angular or nearly rounded,

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present. Vomiting had no relation to food, and occurred

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reduction of the invaginated gut at the time of the operation,

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upon which the final distinction between this disease and the variety

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in the chimpanzee, but is not agniu met with till one reaches the reptiles, where

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for the while is broken, and the danger of relapse is not so immediate as

bactrim ds 800 mg used treat

the functions of the eye were still good. It was only after six weeks that the

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by the lips and tongue of the infant determines a rapid rush of milk

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cases were treated by tuberculin " surgical tuberculosis "

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are identically those of the disease in the adult. In

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tally, extending over all three muscles and lower over the bone, and it

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rheumatism in the fourth month of pregnancy ; signs of mitral endocarditis ; repeated

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delusions or hallucinations. I use both terms, for I do not know

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ined twenty cases. The disease is a kind of cerebral sclerosis,

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ferred to, the patient, a woman aged 21, was admitted into the

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lesions in the lower part of the motor zone, particularly of the

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tube, with the view of preventing the food from escaping

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man leucocytosis appears very early, at the time of the chill

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Gall-stones. A case of typhoidal cholecystitis associated with gall-

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places more or less corresjwnds with the style of architecture,

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palliative ; for diagnostic purposes, however, it is of some use, especially