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country, representing a total outlay of about f 1,000,0('0.

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what would have been done long before had there been no inter-

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widely spread throughout the country. In 1593 Kellwaye wrote the

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ese wrestlers, a more respectful attitude regarding the

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the pelvic cellular tissue — and this is the most frequent way — or

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especially at night, and impure water are common causes. Many di-

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I tiou it is of the utmost importance to free the intestinal

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should be carried to a place where a gate or opening does already

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personal attention to his live stock breeding interests.

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them the crowds of students that flocked there during

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several days, up to two weeks, before making a diagnosis of the albus. Patho-

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Contrib., '* Compound Fractures," " Surgical Abstract," Reports

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teach you how to teach yourselves. The facts are available for you in books,

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Gentlemen, in pointing out the different forms which dyspepsia

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brief, it may be irritated and heated in all varieties of ways, and

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doctor, unwilling to abandon the case, made a third effort ; and, to the

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land 80% of the adult consumptives are chronic alcoholics. The

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ease. Most of the general practitioners who use electricity fail to

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about three weeks, taking nothing else, and got well, and con-

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many of them as you can get, viz. " Dittany, bettony, pen-

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with the medical licensing board showing compliance with

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shadowy as even a possible art. It received no aid from

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venes, a fact which may be explained in the following manner. The

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ond, and 4 a third, whilst there are '.) under treat-

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the I2th the right parotid gland became inflamed, and

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nected with Dysmenorrhoea," as the subject of his paper. He

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darkness as to its originating cause, and necessarily therefore in

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work and instruction in laboratories, wards, and dispensaries are

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mission, and it was opened during the latter part of January.

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should be kept always light. Fish should be taken seldom & very sparingly & much

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Dr. Solomons said it seemed to him that the most im-

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season begins. Cromolyn can also be used on an intermittent

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their regimental surgeons as malaria in the great ma-

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of the fever, and the constitutional disturbances in the fourth and

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and Uterine Tumors." In 1888, in the American Journal

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