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sane ; therefore proof of insaiuty must be introduced
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through Endo Laboratories) is a specific and effective antagonist.
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from the line of the nipples down. The upper extremities are par-
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meuded in the present discourse. The terms with which he designates
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by Dr. Jones. The suprapubic tube was kept in, however,
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Parker, F. L. : Paralysis of Extensor Muscles of the hand and fore-
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The Nervous Factor. The vagus, vasoconstrictor and respiratory cen-
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an ovarian tumour is large, there is danger of abortion ; or, if the preg-
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student that he wrote him a letter requesting him to do
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could occur unless the production of heat continued after death ; there-
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is the candidate?" as "Is he young and promising?" If you are
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representing a purely local reactive process. The histologic changes
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*1908. Cadbury, William W., A.M., M.D., Canton Christian College,
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amounting to delirium, or there are dulness and melancholia. In the
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" The common bile duct has thickened walls and the same turbid gray
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tuberculin depends iipon the characteristic elevation of temperature
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careful examination of the body to account for the abrupt in-
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respond to the insertion of the biceps and patella tendons.
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of various kinds, adapted for noting all details of practice and
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he thought that possibly morphia might of late have
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patient being anaesthetized, and the Esmarch bandage applied,
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about perinephric abscesses : it was important that I should give
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Croton water-shed and conduct it to the city for our uses,
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temporary improvement can be attained, consists of pure air, nourishing food,
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Creal, Charles E., 2443 McCoy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Founder.
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emigration of bacteria, no matter whether the bacilli I worked with
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Tuberculosis, etc. Dysentery often ends the case of any of these diseases.
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and massage of the cornea in the promotion of clearing of opacities of old
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end of the vat, where it is joined to the dripping floor. This is a plat-
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mund About, — $1.50. The Hugenot Galley Slave. The Jour-
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short of that which we know must be liberated when we calculate the
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THE CHEST ; illustrated chiefly by a Rational Exposition of their Physical
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had never heard of a case where the disease was contracted in
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of cerebro-spinal fluid. Search should be made for symptoms due