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eauea ia the debility whiuh is conaequont upon Tjphoid and other fevora.
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contains a soluble principle called Smilaetne. It is thought
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periods had been regular at thirty-day intervals, lasting
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Time and space will permit only a brief notice of the splendid edifice
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hand as it was withdrawn, and of course no hemorrhage
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As the urine that is poured out into the abdominal cavity is
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In deducing their averages, distinction has not been made on the
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seems now to be no doubt of the fact that over-work at the sewing-ma-
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tally, extending over all three muscles and lower over the bone, and it
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speech became thick ; the tongue could scarcely be protruded ;
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burden of function. Thyroid minus iodine is impotent ; with iodine
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These cattle were originated on the British Channel Is-
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rhinitis in spite of this treatment. I feel confident
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period has passed, and of water daily under other circumstances. I
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practitioner in the south of Scotland, as follows : —
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To inject the stream properly, Uf t the pinna upward and backward
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were fwept away, and not a veftige of them was left behind.
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omnia jyossumus omnes. Another well-established principle is this :
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distinction is marked. The high-fed classes and r&cea
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conclusive of the spontaneous origin of animal organisms.
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Hver. The percentage in the blood in such a case may be so high that
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©n lying with his wife the tokens of her virginity, he has all
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April; Sheridan, 24.2^, for June, also 24.3^ in March;
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2. Mixture. — Tincture of catechu and kino, of each J oz.,
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was rare on the lines of communication. A few cases were noted,
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value of Koch's method, simply because I do not know how such an
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4iTV ^;2:h OvV.^stitutional symptoms as attend inflamma-
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dent of mine, who has a rare faculty of being able to
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with catgut may be passed under the bleeding point and
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home, whether it be a cottage, a palace or a three-room flat. But
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curve); when the membrane has not been treated with a protein,
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and always had increased excretion of urine and sugar