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The work in Histology was taken up under Dr. Ferris. It con-

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Vol. CXLI, No. l.J lioSToX MIlDlcM. .l\/) SIHi(.'I(JAL .lol llSM.

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bered that every common cold or bronchial catarrh or gastrointes-

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vision are the same." " The focal length of vision " is

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tainties of absolute diagnosis in abdominal tumors, before opera-

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floor) brought me to the conclusion that I would better remove the four-

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so common to your sex. Debarred from the rougher i^rts,

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postgraduate, the latter to he known technically ax

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ingly interesting. Here, a recently delivered woman had abscess of

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Case X. — ^April 12, 1888. — Ada D., aged 30, household.

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as that of veronal but if given on an empty stomach, so that it does not

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ment is placed under the microscope, it is found to consist almost

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been established. Some hold that it is a reaction merely to mechani-

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5,633 leucocytes to the cubic millimetre, I cannot help making two

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carried to the organ from elsewhere in the body, or it might represent

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an examination is made per vaginam. He enumerates the remedies

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consistency of cream ; put the soup on the fire, when it boils

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comfort of man, have possessed the strongest analogy through all

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very near the affected part; and it is supposed to act more immedi-

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be tested before use to see that they are in working order.

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50. Khodadad G: Arteriovenous malformations of the scalp. Ann Surg 1973;

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month and lasted four or five days. At the end of two

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ground-work for future study. The time is comj^ara-

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ined twenty cases. The disease is a kind of cerebral sclerosis,

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when an attack is supposed to be impending is not to be commended.

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The fitting out of the operating-room, both in gen-