What Does “LMR” Mean? Texting, Social Media & More (2024)

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Learn to boost your likes and engagement rate with “LMR”

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You may have seen “LMR” over text or social media, but what exactly does it mean? This popular abbreviation is a shortened form of the phrase “Like my recent,” which is a request for people to like your most recent post. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about “LMR,” including its meaning, usage, and alternative meanings, plus other related abbreviations you can add to your slang vocabulary.

Things You Should Know

  • “LMR” is the shortened version of the phrase “Like my recent” in texting and social media.
  • Upload “LMR” on your story with a screenshot of your latest post, or text your friend “LMR” to get more likes.
  • Alternatively, “LMR” may stand for “Last minute resistance” or “Land Mobile Radio.”

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What does “LMR” mean?

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  1. The abbreviation “LMR” stands for “Like my recent.” On Instagram and Snapchat, “LMR” is a popular way to encourage others to engage with your content. A “recent” refers to the latest photo or video that a user has posted, so most people use “LMR” as a call-to-action—they want their followers to like their most recent post and boost their engagement rate.[1]

    • People usually post “LMR” on their Instagram and Snapchat stories, along with a screenshot of the post they want their followers to like. However, someone might send the abbreviation to their friends for a more direct approach.
    • For brands and content creators, “LMR” is a helpful strategy to maximize engagement and draw attention to new content. This is especially important because it increases the chances of being featured on the algorithm, which can lead to more visibility and sales.
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  1. 1

    Post “LMR” on your story with a screenshot of your latest post. Looking to get more likes on Instagram or TikTok? Take a screenshot of your most recent photo or video, then upload it to your story with the text “LMR.” It’s an easy and effective way to drive engagement and stay connected to your followers.

    • “LMR if you haven’t seen it yet!”
    • “Go LMR if you’re a real one😈”
    • “Excited for my upcoming collection? LMR on TikTok for a sneak peek!”
  2. 2

    Ask a friend to like your most recent post by texting them “LMR.” This is a great strategy if you’ve just posted something but haven’t received that many likes. By directly asking someone for a favor, they’re more likely to follow through.[2] So, feel free to drop “LMR” in the group chat or hit up someone one-on-one!

    • “Not to be annoying, but could you LMR?🥺”
    • “Everyone, stop what you’re doing and go LMR!!!”
    • “I just posted a selfie on IG, so please help a girl out and LMR!”
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Alternative Meanings of “LMR”

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  1. 1

    Last Minute Resistance In the incel community, “LMR” stands for “Last minute resistance,” or the moment a woman revokes sexual consent. In this context, the term describes a situation that takes place right before intercourse is about to happen.[3]

  2. 2

    Land Mobile Radio Outside of social media, “LMR” is an abbreviation for “Land Mobile Radio,” or a two-way communication between radio receivers.[4] It’s what allows public safety operations to be effective (and possible), and it’s used by emergency responders in every level of the government, including police, firefighters, and the military.[5]

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Related Slang Words

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  1. 1

    F4F Often used on Instagram, TikTok, and X, the abbreviation “F4F” stands for “Follow for Follow.” In other words, if a user follows you, you’ll follow them back. People usually comment “F4F” under other people’s posts or add the #F4F hashtag to their own posts to gain followers.[6]

  2. 2

    SFS On Instagram, this popular abbreviation means “Shoutout for Shoutout.” It means you’re willing to reshare someone’s content on your page if they cross-promote you in return. The point is to gain more followers, so people usually caption their posts with #SFS to get the attention of people who are interested.[7]

  3. 3

    LB Commonly seen on Instagram, “LB” is a short and simple way of saying “Like Back.” If someone likes your post and comments “LB,” they’re asking you to return the favor, so people often do this to increase their engagement rate and get more followers.[8]

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