What Does Hindu Dream Interpretation Say Your Dreams Mean? (2024)

For a Hindu mystic, dream interpretation can provide a window into the future. Objects, characters, and emotions that appear in a person's dreams all take on symbolic meanings to be analyzed and interpreted. Some symbols are harbingers of great luck or grave danger, while others may predict a mix of fortunes.

Many symbols surprisingly indicate the opposite of what you might expect, while others are cognate with what they seem to portend. Find out what your future may hold with this Hindu dream interpretation encyclopedia, derived from the teachings of Hindu spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda.

Dreaming of an elephant means good health, success, strength, prosperity, and intelligence, but dreaming about a lion suggests that honor, power, fame, or recognition lie in your future.

Common Symbols and Meanings in Hindu Dream Interpretation

Abuse: Abuse, whether physical, mental, or emotional, represents a dispute between yourself and someone with whom you do business. Pay close attention to this relationship and strive to resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Accident: These dreams symbolize personal afflictions such as physical pain or emotional hardship. However, these hard times will be temporary, and you will emerge as a stronger person for having experienced them.

Accusation: Being accused of something in your dreams can indicate that great misfortune lies in your path. However, it can also indicate a positive change in your fortune, especially if you are disciplined.

Adultery: Another negative symbol, dreams of adulterycan signal impending troubles, despair, and lost opportunities.

Advancement: This is asign that you will achieve success in all that you undertake.

Advocate: A dream in which you are an advocate indicates that you will be prominent in the future. You will win universal respect for your efforts.

Affluence: Contrary to what you may think, dreams of affluence actually symbolize poverty of some sort, be it financial or spiritual.

Anger: Dreams containing anger symbolize a conflict with or negative feelings for someone you consider a close friend.

Ass (animal): All your great troubles, despite despairing circ*mstances, will end in ultimate success after much struggle and suffering.

Baby: If you are nursing a baby, it denotes sorrow and misfortune. If you see a baby who is sick, it means that somebody among your relatives will die.

Bachelor: Dreaming of a bachelor indicates that you will shortly meet with a friend.

Bankruptcy: Although you may not find yourself financially bankrupt in your waking life, dreams of bankruptcy should be viewed as a warning to exercise caution in all business transactions.

Battle:To dream of being in a battle hints at your having a serious quarrel with neighbors or friends.

Beauty: Like many dream symbols, this represents the inverse of its literal meaning. Dreams of being beautiful suggest you will become ill or infirm and your physical appearance will deteriorate.

Birds: To see birds flying is very unlucky; it denotes a sorrowful setback in circ*mstances. The sound of birdsong, however, symbolizes an improvement in personal fortunes.

Birth: For unmarried women, to dream of giving birth to children is indicative of inevitable adultery. For married women, it indicates happy "confinement," the period of time that pregnant women or new mothers traditionally withdraw from ordinary life.

Blind: To dream of the blind is a sign that you will have no real friends.

Boat: To sail in a boat or ship on smooth waters is lucky. On rough waters, it is unlucky. To fall into water indicates great peril.

Books: To dream of books is an auspicious sign, suggesting your future life will be very agreeable. Women who dream of books while pregnant will give birth to a son who loves to read.

Bread: You will succeed in earthly business pursuits. Eating good bread indicates good health and a long life. Burned bread is a sign of a funeral and, thus, is bad.

Bride, Bridegroom: This symbol is an unlucky one that indicates sorrow and disappointment. You will mourn the death of some relative.

Bugs: Bugs indicate illness or that other people intend to cause you harm.

Butter: Butter represents joy, bounty, and good fortune. If you are suffering for any reason, the distress will pass quickly, replaced by feelings of contentment.

Camel: Heavy burdens will come upon you. You will meet with heavy disasters, but you will bear them with heroism.

Cat: Another negative dream symbol, cats representtreachery and fraud. Dreaming of killing a cat suggests your enemies will be discovered.

Clouds: Dark clouds indicate that great sorrows lie in your future—but they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking away in the dream.

Corpse: Seeing a corpse in a dream indicates a hasty and imprudent engagement in which you will be unhappy.

Cow:Cattle can represent many things in Hindu dream interpretation. Milking a cow represents the arrival of wealth or fortune. But dreaming of being pursued by a cow represents being pursued by an enemy.

Crow: Seeing a crow in a dreamindicates a sorrowful funeral ceremony.

Death: Dreaming of death symbolizes a long, rich life. If you are ill and dream of death, that means your health will improve.

Desert: Traveling across a desert in a dream says that a long and tedious journey is inevitable. If the sunshine is present, your journey will be successful.

Devil: Dreaming of the devil suggests great harm may lie in store for you in the future. The best course of action after such a dream is to lead a virtuous life and avoid temptations.

Dinner: Eating dinner symbolizes a future where food and sustenance may be hard to come by. Your enemies will try to impugn your reputation, and you must be careful when choosing friends.

Disease: If a sick person dreams of disease, it means recovery from illness. To young men, dreaming of disease is a warning against evil company and intemperance.

Earthquake: Dreams of an earthquake predict a great loss, either personal, professional, or financial. Family ties may be strained or broken, especially if a death occurs, and fear and heartbreak lie in store.

Eclipse: This is one of the bleakest dream symbols. An eclipse symbolizes death, the loss of hope and pleasure, and friendships that end in betrayal.

Elephant: Dreaming of an elephant represents good health, success, strength, prosperity, and intelligence.

Embroidery: This symbol serves as a warning that the persons who love you are not true. They will deceive you.

Famine: In dreams, famine represents prosperity for the many and comfort for the individual. It suggests a time of love and leisure.

Father: In dreams, the image of a father (yours or someone else's) is a representation of love and well-being. If you dream of your father dying, however, great misfortune may lie in your future.

Fields:To walk in green fields represents great happiness and wealth; it is a time of widespread happiness and contentment. On the other hand, dreaming of scorched fields suggests a future of hardship and famine.

Fighting: Fighting in a dream represents domestic discord, family fights, and misunderstanding between lovers. It bodes ill formerchants, soldiers, and sailors.

Fire: Dreaming of fire predicts health and great happiness, kind relations, and warm friends.

Floods:Successful trade, safe voyage for traders. But to ordinary persons, it indicates bad health and unfavorable circ*mstances.

Flowers:Gathering beautiful flowers is an indication of prosperity. You will be very fortunate in all your undertakings.

Frogs: Dreaming of frogs indicates that you will achieve success in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

Ghost:Ghosts are a very bad omen, suggesting that your difficulties will be overwhelming and your enemies will overpower you.

Giant:You will meet a person who will pose a tremendous challenge to you or block your ambitions. But if you meet these challenges with determination and courage, you will succeed.

Girl:Dreaming of an unmarried girl represents success and hope for the future.

God: Although this is an uncommon dream symbol, dreaming of encountering a spiritual entity suggests you will have a transformative experience soon.

Grave:This is a harbinger of death, usually of someone close to you.

Hanging:Dreaming of being hanged in a positive omen, predicting that you will rise in society and become wealthy.

Heaven: Dreams of heaven suggest that the remainder of your life will be spiritually happy and your death will be peaceful.

Hell: A vision of hell is a prediction of physical suffering or mental anguish in your future, which may be caused by friends or enemies.

Home: A house symbolizes a domestic life that is peaceful and prosperous. You will find contentment with your family.

Husband:Dreaming of a married man indicates that a wish you hold will not come true. If you dream of having an affair with this man, it suggests you are becoming a vicious person.

Ill: Dreaming of being sick suggests that you risk great personal misfortune if you give into temptation. Resist appeals to your baser instincts.

Injury: Dreaming of being injured by someone suggests that person may be an enemy. But fleeing your home is not the answer; you must courageously confront the person.

Itch:Being itchy suggests that you are unhappy or restless in your life.

Jail: If you dream that you are in jail or otherwise imprisoned, it is a sign that prosperity and good fortune are in your future.

Journey:A journey in a dream indicates that a great change is coming in your life. Dreams of a good journey indicate positive conditions in your future, while a bad journey suggests impending troubles.

King:To appear before a friendly king is a sign of great success, but if you encounter a cruel king it is a symbol of misfortune.

Lamp: Lamps represent a warm, happy home life.

Learning: Dreams of knowledge and education indicate that you will attain influence and respect.

Leprosy:Dreaming of this disease suggests serious calamity in your future, one that may change your very being. Enemies abound.

Light:To dream of lights is very good. It denotes riches andhonor.

Limbs:A broken limb symbolizes broken vows of marriage or fidelity.

Lion:Dreaming of this noble beast suggests that honor and recognition lie in your future. You may accumulate great power or fame, and you will be very happy.

Money:Receiving money in adreamdenotes earthly prosperity, while dreams of giving it away suggest a generosity of spirit.

Mother: Dreams of your mother symbolize health and well-being. If you dream of your mother being ill, that represents her own future sickness.

Murder:To dream you have murdered somebody suggests a violent and criminal future awaits you.

Nectar:To drink nectar in a dreamindicates riches and prosperity; perhaps you will marry a handsome person who is very wealthy.

Nightmare:You are guided by foolish persons. Beware of such people.

Noises:To dream of hearing noises suggests a future of family quarrels and unhappiness in your life.

Ocean: Dreams of the sea depend on how they appear. If you dream of a calm ocean, then you will have a peaceful life. If the ocean is stormy, your life will be tumultuous.

Office: Your workplace represents negative feelings. If you dream of being fired or laid off, it suggests a future of professional and personal misfortune.

Owl:This animal represents sickness, poverty, disgrace, and sorrow in Hindu dream interpretation.

Palace:To live in a palace is a good omen. You will be elevated to a state of wealth and dignity.

Pigs:A mixed omen, dreams of pigs suggest misfortune will befall you. But you will overcome whatever obstacles appear because you will receive help from others along the way.

Rain:Gentlerain symbolizes a happy and calm life, but heavy rain suggests trouble at home.

River:Much like rain and oceans, dreams of rivers have different meanings. A gently flowing river predicts peace ahead, while a river in flood warns of danger.

Ship: This represents good fortune if the sailing is smooth, but a ship navigating stormy waters represents personal peril ahead.

Singing:If you dream of singing, it may suggest a future of sorrow and crying. A loved one may grow ill or pass away.

Snakes:You may have sly and dangerous enemies who will injure your character and state of life if you dream of snakes.

Thunder:This ominous symbol suggests that you face great personal danger. Close friends will desert you in your hour of need, and you will be forced to face the danger alone.

Volcano:Like thunder, this explosive symbol represents a future of upheaval and violence.

Water:This indicates that a baby will soon be born.

Wedding: This symbol means you will attend a funeral in the future. If you dream that you are the one who is marrying and you are single, it means you will never wed in real life. Dreams of marrying a sick person mean that person will die.

Young:If you dream that you yourself are young, that means you will soon die. But if you see young people in your dreams, that means you will have a happy life.

Hindu Dream Interpretation

  1. In Hindu dream interpretation, symbols in dreams can predict various outcomes, with birds signifying setbacks and frogs indicating future success in endeavors.
  2. Dreams often convey the opposite of their literal meaning, such as affluence symbolizing poverty and beauty indicating illness.
  3. Personal relationships and conflicts feature prominently, with dreams about abuse, fighting, or jail suggesting underlying disputes, impending troubles, or future prosperity.
What Does Hindu Dream Interpretation Say Your Dreams Mean? (2024)


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