90 Names That Mean Dream or Vision - Creative Nomenclature (2024)

90 Names That Mean Dream or Vision - Creative Nomenclature (1)

by sitesensei

Dive into the world of dreams through the lens of namesakes that carry the essence of dreams themselves.

Imagine bestowing a name that encapsulates the very essence of aspiration, fantasy, and imagination.

Every name tells a story, and within this collection, the narratives are woven with the threads of dreams, casting a spell of enchantment and possibility.

Whether you’re naming a new arrival, seeking inspiration for a character in your next novel, or simply indulging in the beauty of names from around the globe, you’re about to embark on a whimsical journey.

Get ready to explore names that breathe life into the dreamlike wonders of the night and the limitless realms of imagination.

90 Names That Mean Dream or Vision - Creative Nomenclature (2)

Table of Contents

Girls Names That Mean Dream or Vision

  1. Ahlam: An enchanting Arabic name that translates to ‘pleasant dreamer,’ evoking images of serenity and inspiration.
  2. Aislin: This name, derived from Irish, carries the profound meaning of ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ hinting at foresight and imagination.
  3. Aisling: An Irish name rich in cultural heritage, also meaning ‘vision,’ connects the bearer to the realm of dreams and aspirations.
  4. Aislinn: Of Irish origin, it translates to ‘vision,’ offering a mystical touch to the name’s essence.
  5. Alora: Bearing African roots, ‘my dream’ is what this name means, symbolizing hope and aspiration.
  6. Alviva: From the English language, it signifies ‘a dreamer,’ encapsulating a person with a visionary spirit.
  7. Amabil: With an uncertain origin, it carries the beautiful meaning of ‘turning dreams into reality,’ encouraging creativity and determination.
  8. Anoushka: A name of Hindu tradition that means ‘aspirations,’ reflecting ambition and the pursuit of goals.
  9. Ariadne: Originating from Greek, this name means ‘dream,’ connecting the bearer to ancient myths and the power of imagination.
  10. Avic: A Gaelic name that translates to ‘dreams,’ offering a mystical and dreamy quality.
  11. Azlin: A French name with the delicate meaning of ‘dream,’ evoking images of softness and wonder.
  12. Bhranti: This name, of Gaelic origin, brings to life the concept of ‘daydream,’ blending reality with fantasy.
  13. Chimere: French in origin, it beautifully means ‘dreamy,’ perfect for someone with a head always in the clouds.
  14. Deisy: Also hailing from France, signifies ‘dreams,’ painting a picture of aspirations and hopes.
  15. Dream: An English name that stands boldly on its own significance, embodying the essence of dreaming.
  16. Eislyn: This old English name means ‘beautiful dream,’ suggesting both beauty and the ethereal nature of dreams.
  17. Godusa: From Old English, the name translates to ‘big dream,’ ideal for someone with grand ambitions.
  18. Guaraman: An Irish name, rich in cultural significance, meaning ‘dreamer,’ for those who envision a better world.
  19. Hayal: Of Old English origin, this name elegantly translates to ‘dream,’ evoking a sense of quiet aspirations.
  20. Hayali: Arabic for ‘dream girl,’ this name is imbued with the magic and mystery of dreams.
  21. Imena: An African name that means ‘dream,’ it reflects the continent’s rich tradition of storytelling and aspiration.
  22. Isleen: Irish in origin, meaning ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ connecting the bearer to the powers of insight and imagination.
  23. Joetta: With its roots in Old English, it means ‘dreamer,’ perfect for someone always exploring the landscape of their dreams.
  24. Kalpana: A name of Gaelic origin meaning ‘dream-like,’ it captures the ethereal beauty and surreal aspects of dreams.
  25. Kanasu: Translates to ‘dreamy’ in Gaelic, offering a soft, whimsical touch to the name.
  26. Lourdes: A name of French origin, associated with the famous pilgrimage site, evoking a sense of miracles and healing.
  27. Lurdes: Of Spanish origin, it connects to Lourdes in France, also symbolizing faith and spirituality.
  28. Marzena: This Polish name means ‘dreamed one,’ perfect for someone who seems to have stepped out of a dream.
  29. Roya: A gorgeous Persian name meaning ‘a vision from the dream,’ for someone who embodies the essence of a dream come to life.
  30. Ruyaa: Gaelic for ‘dreamy,’ it has a soft, ethereal quality reminiscent of gentle dreams.
  31. Ruyah: Also of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘dream,’ it speaks to the heart of those who dream deeply.
  32. apana: A name of Gaelic origin, ‘apana’ offers a dreamy allure, inviting thoughts of whimsical landscapes and serene visions.
  33. Sapna: Means ‘dream girl’ in Gaelic, perfect for someone who captivates with the depth of her dreams.
  34. Svajone: This Lithuanian name translates to ‘dream,’ reflecting a deep connection to the imaginative realm.
  35. Swapan: A Hindu name that carries the profound meaning of ‘dream,’ linking the bearer to a rich tradition of dreaming.
  36. Swapnali: Signifies ‘dream girl’ in Gaelic, embodying the essence of someone who lives in the beauty of her dreams.
  37. Vienna: An Austrian name meaning ‘city of dreams,’ inspires thoughts of romance, culture, and history.
  38. Yume: Derived from the Japanese word for ‘dream,’ this name embodies the tranquil beauty and mystery of dreams, inviting contemplation and wonder.
  39. Zlota: Polish for ‘golden woman,’ it suggests not only dreams but the value and beauty of the dreamer herself.
  40. Miyako: A Japanese name meaning ‘beautiful dream’ that captures the enchanting and ethereal nature of dreams.

Boys Names That Mean Dream or Vision

  1. Alweo: Derived from Latin, this name embodies the essence of someone who is a ‘dreamer at heart’, symbolizing a person with a vivid imagination and hopes.
  2. Almos: In Hungarian, ‘sleepy’ or ‘dream’ captures the essence of tranquility and the state of dreaming, reflecting a gentle and serene personality.
  3. Arien: Originating from Greek, this name means ‘a dreamy person’, suggesting someone with a creative and imaginative mind, often lost in their thoughts.
  4. Arman: This name comes from Kazakh and translates to ‘dream vision’, indicating someone who sees beyond the present into a hopeful future.
  5. Baduli: An Indian name with deep roots, ‘dreamer’ describes a person always envisioning possibilities and what could be.
  6. Bruadair: In Gaelic, ‘dream’ beautifully captures the mystical and elusive nature of dreams, connecting the person to the ancient and magical.
  7. Bruadar: Also from Gaelic, signifying ‘dream vision’, this name suggests clarity and insight within the dream state.
  8. Bruatar: Gaelic for ‘dream’, emphasizing the culture’s rich history of storytelling and myth, where dreams hold significant meaning.
  9. Ceeven: A Hindu name, ‘dream’ signifies the spiritual and transcendent nature of dreams in Hindu culture, reflecting a connection to the divine.
  10. Chavez: Of Spanish origin, this name translates to ‘dream maker’, implying someone who creates visions of a better future for themselves and others.
  11. Cimon: Latin for ‘sleepy’, encapsulating the blissful state of rest and the gateway to dreams, reflecting a peaceful demeanor.
  12. Eidniuet: From ancient Welsh, meaning ‘day dreamer’, this name suggests someone who fantasizes and imagines possibilities in the daylight.
  13. Gabriel: Linked to angels in biblical texts and of Arabic origin, representing a celestial messenger of dreams and revelations.
  14. Gramercy: French, meaning ‘dream’, signifies the elegance and depth of dreams, highlighting the beauty of the mind’s creations.
  15. Hulum: In Gaelic, ‘dream’ connects to the cultural significance of dreams as messages and omens, reflecting a deep spiritual connection.
  16. Ialu: Egyptian, translating to ‘field of dreams’, symbolizes a place of endless possibilities and a journey of the soul.
  17. Israel: Biblical, associated with dreams in the scriptures, representing divine inspiration and guidance through dreams.
  18. Jacob: A biblical character known for his significant dreams, symbolizing the transformative power of divine visions.
  19. Joldewin: From Old English, meaning ‘dreamers’, this name reflects a collective vision and the shared human experience of dreaming.
  20. Jones: Old English for ‘fulfilled dream’, embodying the realization of one’s deepest desires and aspirations.
  21. Jonn: Signifies ‘dream big’ in Old English, encouraging boundless imagination and the pursuit of lofty goals.
  22. Ramiel: In Hebrew, ‘vision’ connects to the clarity and foresight gained through divine encounters or introspection.
  23. Rasui: Egyptian, meaning ‘dream’, highlights the ancient civilization’s belief in dreams as portents and messages from the gods.
  24. Remiel: In Hebrew, means ‘Mercy of God’. In the Book of Enoch, Remiel is an angel known for granting divine visions, symbolizing divine intervention and guidance.
  25. Reve: French for ‘dream’, capturing the romance and mystery of dreams, inviting one to explore the depths of their imagination.
  26. Neo: The main protagonist of The Matrix, the name means ‘new’, symbolizing a new beginning and the power of dreams to defy limits and create change.
  27. Somnio: A Latin name, meaning ‘dream’, emphasizing the profound and transformative nature of dreams in ancient Roman culture.
  28. Kimon: Japanese, meaning ‘dream world’ or ‘Demon Gate’, symbolizing the beauty and infinite potential of dreams in Japanese folklore.
  29. Tigernach: Irish name meaning ‘lord of dreams’, representing a deep connection to the spiritual realm and the power of visions.
  30. Narciso: A Spanish name, meaning ‘dreaming’, evoking the beauty and mystery of self-reflection and introspection in dreams.
  31. Abhidhyan: Sanskrit name meaning ‘dream’ or ‘contemplation’, reflecting the deep spiritual connection and meaning of dreams in Hinduism.
  32. Chelem: Meaning ‘vision’ in Mayan culture, this name embodies the belief in visions and prophetic dreams within the ancient civilization.
  33. Ariston: From Greek mythology, Ariston is the god of prophecy and visions, symbolizing the power of dreams to reveal truths and hidden knowledge.
  34. Khamari: Arabic meaning ‘moonlit’, suggesting the dreamy and ethereal nature of the night sky and dreams themselves.
  35. Suvit: From Sanskrit, meaning ‘dreaming’ or ‘reverie’, embodying the peaceful and restful state of mind in dreams.
  36. Lorien: From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Lorien is a magical forest known for its enchanting beauty and ethereal dreamscape.
  37. Nehkaam: In Egyptian, ‘dreamer’ signifies the belief in dreams as a source of knowledge and understanding within their ancient culture.
  38. Sajneet: Indian name meaning ‘dreamy’, embodying the enchanting and imaginative nature of dreams in Indian society.
  39. Nidra: Originating from Sanskrit, this name means ‘sleep’ or ‘dream’, representing the peaceful and restful state of mind in dreams.
  40. Sapan: A Hindi name that translates to ‘dream’, symbolizing the dreamer’s desire and drive to make their dreams a reality.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Dream

  1. Amets: Originating from the Basque language, ‘Amets’ translates directly to ‘dream.’ Its pronunciation is as straightforward as its meaning, making it a versatile, unisex option that’s both modern and distinctive.
  2. Ashaya: With roots in the rich Sanskrit language, ‘Ashaya’ signifies ‘dream.’ This name possesses a transcendent quality, seamlessly crossing gender lines with its beautifully neutral resonance.
  3. Chalom: Hailing from Hebrew, ‘Chalom’ means ‘dream’ and offers a tender sound that suits any child, capturing the universal essence of dreaming.
  4. Hulm: Arabic in origin, ‘Hulm’ means ‘dream.’ Its brevity and the gentle way it rolls off the tongue render it a flexible name for any newborn.
  5. Morpheus: Named after the Greek god of dreams, ‘Morpheus’ brings with it a contemporary, bold flair that defies gender norms, offering a timeless appeal.
  6. Roya: Recognized in various cultures as a gender-neutral name, ‘Roya’ signifies ‘dream’ or ‘vision.’ It serves as a reminder of the shared nature of dreams, transcending gender distinctions.
  7. Sognatore/Sognatrice: In Italian, ‘dreamer’ is ‘Sognatore’ for males and ‘Sognatrice’ for females. However, both versions find themselves in a gender-neutral light within English-speaking contexts, celebrating the fluidity of dreams.
  8. Sueño: The Spanish word for ‘dream,’ ‘Sueño,’ carries a tender sound and an open meaning, making it a poetic and universally welcome option.
  9. Visión: Borrowed from Spanish and meaning ‘vision’ or ‘dream,’ ‘Visión’ projects a futuristic, gender-neutral allure, perfect for those seeking a name that’s both deep and singular.
  10. Yume: In Japanese, ‘yume’ translates to ‘dream.’ Its unique sound and spelling add a touch of mystique to any name choice, making it an option for parents who value individuality.

Bottom Line

In the realm of names, the power of a dream transcends boundaries, encapsulating hopes, aspirations, and the ethereal essence of our very souls.

These names, each a vessel of meaning from cultures around the globe, invite us to dream bigger, envision a brighter future, and connect deeply with the mystique of the unseen.

Whether you’re drawn to the gentle whisper of ‘Amets’ or the divine promise enshrined in ‘Gabriel’, choosing a name from this celestial collection ensures a lifetime inspiration for your child.

Dare to dream, for in dreams, we unlock the limitless potential of the future.

90 Names That Mean Dream or Vision - Creative Nomenclature (2024)


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