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ditions and that deposits of urates or of uric acid crystals are likely

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and Sumner, were appointed on the above resolution.

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The diapers may be either of linen or cotton; linen is less likely

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My previous remarks upon the course of the disease, as

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laid upon your bosom, now rests upon a pillow of clay. The soft hands

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to the position of the conducting tracts between the brain

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mentof the epidemic to the morning of Sept. In the week ending July 21&t, which is

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is increasing, but the infiltration of the skin has almost disappeared; there is slight

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unfrequently he will produce a more or less distinct (hard) th,

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same may be seen in the occurrence of hemorrhage. This may be due to

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a fine sieve, mix them with three or four yolks of eggs

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The fourth case has insufficient notes : this, therefore, leaves

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five per cent, die before the close of the tenth day. The most

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never was any pain in connection with it, but the patient com-

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the patients dying from the reportable diseases were previously

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cumscribed, urticaria-like, intensely irritating eruption

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upon such subjects as are mentioned; the Index-Catalogue makes

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Intestines thin — their mucous membrane quite strikingly pale, only here and

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case alkalies overcome the acid condition and relieve. Retire from stud

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for the length of time necessary to cure an aneurism situated lower down; but

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because it usually carries with it the reward of having the

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When an ambulance at the rear of a regiment is filled it may fall

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