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looks remarkably well, and is in excellent spirits. He


tion to the activity and uniformity of the preparation used. Clinical

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Gunshot wounds of the knee-joint by projectiles of reduced

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nodules of irregular size. More frequently I have seen a diffuse

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Horner's muscle ; small muscular bundle depending on

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distribution or enlargement of blood vessels, e.g., the ascend-

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sits up his pulse becomes quicker and less full ; in the second week

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lie ; it's to sweeten the water — we always do it." My analy-

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A young woman was knocked down in the street by a runaway, the

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ceilings carefully swept and the floors, together with the mangers

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A personal physician is the doctor who assumes responsibihty for the care

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part of my strictly professional work has been more interesting to me,

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infants. In other cases, while this same origin may be

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rays may have free course, for they help to destroy disease germs.

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patients averaging 63J years of age, amongst whom there

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even then truly enormous, acquired a not inconsiderable experience

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the free acids of the stomach, but there is no evolution of gas, as the

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Reference to the various estimates arrived at by different authori-

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a traceable amount of salt and iodides, attaining a

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only two in which there was marked tenderness, and in both there

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possessed a " saline-chali/beate " spring, which enjoyed a brief popularity

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liquid condition, in capillary tubes which must be hermetically sealed

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once, or as soon as possible ; from my own experience it is clear that

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of the papers above referred to, when he saye of quinine, ** if admin-

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INDERAL IS prescribed for angina pectoris, the patient should be cautioned against

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believe that the aqueous and alcoholic extracts of syphilitic organs

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of the Poor, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, Miss C. Violet Kirkpatrick

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necessarily been limited to the soluble preparations. Baccelli, who

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infectious diseases may be referable to intoxication with unusually powerful

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which have suggested a crystalline structure. Dried venoms dissolve

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