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As a rule, he is not satisfied until he has repeated his fool-hardy trifling and

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per cent.) and in less than one- third of these was it severe. The number of


nent service to the medical profession as scholar, instructor •

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fered one of the saddest bereavements that fall to the lot of man

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then attacked with severe pain in the left ilio-lumbar region,

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between the two steps and immobilization of the flap should

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ment can reasonably be hoped for in the operation, what resource have we left to

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lung : it would nevertheless appear that the vital influence by which

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1816,) and Hufeland, (Conspectus Morborum sec. ord. nat. adjunctis characte-

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tion of the phenomena noted. In conclusion. Dr. Robin-

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and attempted to dilate the neck of the cavity, using

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Light could be admitted through bull's-eyes, and a system of signals

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have been so long accustomed to excessive potations, as to have in-

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Schiff, was probably nothing but staphylococcus aureus.

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central nervous system are seen. Insomnia, in part due to pain, is common

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should be applied on the back and front of the hand, reaching from

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Howard: The Control of Hookworm Disease by the Intensive Method. Pub.

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theories. It differs from other text-books in the follQwing particulars :

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pared is highly animalized, charged with hydrogenous and azotic

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premature labor, Harrison, G. T., 207; observations on the puer-

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not only to individuals of the same species taken separately, hut

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prevalence of these affections in either French, British, or American hos-

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Three weeks after the operation the pain had ceased,

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the rooms are arranged so that the walls and floors can be

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JiK(»XCHITIS acting in this affection both as an anodyne and exerting a favorable influence

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out is this, that every tissue reacts to radium in its own

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bring to bear in the effort to induce us to relieve them of this

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eo was immediately protected. Smears were made and media ino^

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dictate to the people how and4iy whom ihBy shall be at-

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gland the submaxillary. By stimulating the secretory nerve of this

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The Institutes of the Practice of Medicine, of Jo. Bapt. BuRSERirs. Edited by

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not symmetrically shaped ; its surface somewhat uneven ; substance compact, very

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-34902 Lazzaretti, Q. Corso teorico-pratico di medicina-legale.

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•581 16 Darwin, C. Effects of cross and self-fertilisation.

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possible. The great clement of success, how^ever, lay in the contri-

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the evening of the fourth day. The treatment of sep-