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cases in which the actual cause of hemorrhage, such as malignant
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be the cause of the disease. But, seeing how ubiquitous mjcrobes are, it
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instances on record where the excreta of one typhoid-
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present were Trichomonas intcstinalis, Ancylostoma duodenale and Trichuris
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of instruments likely to be of use to the practitioner
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Metaphorically speaking, I place no more faith in the
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Rosebery Avenue) has some claim to have been a hoi}' well used by
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alkaline or salt solutions, as recommended by Stadelmann, have often been tried
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from the New World, even counts among its votaries citizens of this
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desirability of appointing a Law Enforcement Officer to take charge
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Puncture and contrapuncture are made in the sclerotic about
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pital was opened, under the auspices of the Order, in
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blots. In these blots the blood can be seen circulating while in
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the usual reckoning, would have dragged out an average of seven-
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Haldane in England and by Benedict and the New York State
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under three main categories : as scholarships and fellow-
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the parts to which it conveyed blood often become extremely pain-
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pulse ranges from 80 to 90 or 100 ; in the grave form from 100 to 110,
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attention to their quality, which we regret to say is not
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gree of accuracy the uric acid in as little as 10 c.c. of blood. The impor-
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to be called tone." Laryugoscopic examination showed nothing
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which she had recovered before my arrival ; and a few
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Sir James he took such a kindly interest in the matter as to send
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superiority for them are based on the following qualities:
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Virginia possesses two lunatic hospitals, the one situate at Wil-
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Middleton, Dr. F. C, The Nursing, Medical and Hospital Problem in the
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certis vera reghnil?us fomi/iares ; ut Cypro^ et inchi'ts in"
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tampon is thoughtlessly introduced before the head or breech is
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tion, until now we look for success as regards function if we select
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could be demonstrated when the perfusion fluid is made to traverse all