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fer from acute gastric catarrh generally have a sensitive

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which are not to be feared except as the result of importa-

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confinements, but especially after the last one which was *so easy that

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pation of disfigurement from pitting may now be calmed,

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light: Emily and Sara are all smiles about singing Christmas carols at the

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attended with more or less pain, tenderness, and tumefaction, and

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been carefully considered ; the chief contra-indication to operation was

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turbed with frightful dreams or imaginar}' evils. So passed

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and if the excess of salt solution is afterwards washed away with

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blood. If no adaptation occurred, the 2 tension at 10,000 feet would be

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dren in a poorly-ventilated room, the temperature of which

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tions, and in all the cases reported this method had

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Dr. Gooch in his recent work on "Some Diseases Peculiar to Women."

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to any extent upon the temporal region, only reaching as far for-

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discovery in the anterior horns, they were attributed to lesions of the

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Not unfrequently, after the decline of the eruptive stage, a

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The author communicated detailed pariliculars of the condition of the pa-

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When men affected in this way are exposed to the excessive

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should be thinned. This is best done by first going through the

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save himself by flight. The special conditions at the front lead

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dents (vascular or cardiac) that extreme renal insufficiency is some-

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have been particularly successful ; these may now be had

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Fitzpatrick. Australasian Medical Gazette, p. bSl, 1894

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of translation and rotation are accelerated. For these reasons,

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earlier in the course of the disease, and not as heretofore deferred until

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There being m yet no Executive Committee, the Presi-

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is attracting so much attention in medical circles. The eminent

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says that the later meaning is apt to be read into the

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bus nephreticis, calculis, urinis, sabulosis aut difficulter vel dimi-

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desired reformation, nor do we suppose that such claim has

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The nature of the herbage in these two cases is not quite

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truthful statement of the facts that my professional reputation

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lie was nursed for the first eight months, and since