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3. Medicinal Treatment : — Morphin should be reserved for severe
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Unusual interest in this subject of pure milk has been
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see, or occupier of the land in writing to destroy them, and if the (veeds
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fever in animals, the many definite types of fever curves in man indicate
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followed practical experience, gained by accompanying his father
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Then, finally, by way of brief inference, I will insist that if the
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the pneumogastric in the neck, are also worth trying under such
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often enough, and I need only ask you to remember how fear
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exert its beneficial effect by; reducing colonic pH, thereby,
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insensible "hide." In addition to these symptoms, the affected
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Journal. The Handbook again appears in the form of a single
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The neck which is either too thin or too thick will be greatly helped
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may be neutralized at once by vinegar, or vinegar and water.
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children that at their birth, are now the subjects of
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their surface against exudation — a cicatrix is formed, following in
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opened the abdomen, emptied the bladder by incision
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tients needing the rest-cure, is eye-strain, the symp-
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Camp, depends much upon the course of the winds. Whenever, in the
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abundantly able to discharge the duties of a chambermaid on a steam-
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Cooperative Study Group on Antihypertensive Agents- J. A M A 237:2303 (May 23) 1977
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and a tonsil should not be removed without a definite reason
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not restore any thing, for they are generally unnatural to the
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opened the abdomen, emptied the bladder by incision
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operation succeeds iu causing a permanent reduction of tension,
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Frenkel Treatment of Tabes Dorsalis. — In conclu-
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