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otomy, he thinks 10 grs. to the pint quite suflScient. The follow-
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gives rise to the most intense sepsis. I think it will also
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the nature of delusions, making no difference between
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the General A.Si»embly in connection with any needed legislation."
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ment that considerable quantities of the fluid are absorbed, greatly to
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ment of these unfortunates tiiat existed in 1852, when their
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collated by Dr. Christopher Johnston, of Baltimore,
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behind, and the endothelium. These parts have a common origin with the
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Hoffman, Frederick L., To Sir Charles Cameron, Dublin, Ireland 195
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ing human nature, in all its usually concealed peculiarities, have compelled
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Smith, Craig T., Mixed George F. Geisinger Hospital, Danville, Pennsylvania
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such appearance. Such cases are certainly of considerable interest.
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vidual dose, if expensive, will prevent the great bulk of those
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much more obvious when comparing the methods and the
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seen at least five or six, and Isir James Simpson used to speak to us of haviuji^
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may therefore be substituted for M. So the formula for ascertaining the
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dian-meal is used, in the proportion of one-third part. Dr. J. related an
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emigration of bacteria, no matter whether the bacilli I worked with
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were so it would be impossible to explain the escape of
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M. Gosselin concluded by stating that the choice of operative proceedings
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fulness of this method still further. Children and in-
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The Council on Scientific Affairs of the California Medical Association presents the following inventory of items of
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as in the last test. The loop is adjusted as for the adductors but the pull is
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tho ttiit«!ri()r or poHtcrior lioriifl, and lliti coltiiuii tixlomU
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the books without actually occupying one of the hospital beds.
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ably impress the condition. The mildly acid reaction of
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and improliahle than the assum|)ti(Ui that the urticaria
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in. a pint of water, — to be drank at intervals, when it is cold.
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750 million staphylococci given. After this date vaccine treatment was discon-
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Apart from those treated in contagious disease hospitals, there