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cular and bullous affections and all cutaneous diseases

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series as a whole. It treats of emergencies in surgery of the

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The skin was dissected from its base and the tumor removed

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tity found its way by the urethra and the wound, laying open the

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Wyoming cannot afford to delay in this matter ; the

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and the mind would run back to other years, of father and mother

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desired. If you have a bulb and hose syringe it can

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New York, N. Y., and Baltimore, Md., as inspector. April 27,

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larly was diagnosed as hydrophobia, but later was said by physicians of Rochester,

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literally nothing but consume drugs, talk of her ills.

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liam Lincoln Ballenger. 'M. D., Professor of Otology, Rhinolog}^ and

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in inducing corpuscular changes in the blood which result

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the same time affording gentle pressure and giving rise to the sensa-

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21, 1900] <Proc Roy. Soc. Edinb. (1899-1901), v. 23, pp. 158-160. [ W a , W m .J

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of these facts, in reference to breathing night air. Very many

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ceased, is met with in smokers only. How prevalent the smoking of

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file copy placed in the upper left-hand margin of the card. It is

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no reason why the prognosis should be better than it

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: 6r696i tical study of malaria and other blood parasites.

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two successive elevations of the vessels are due to successive con-

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conclusions may be drawn that the tissues furnish some substance as-

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line A. Soule in the Ladies' Repository : in the light of these, it

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somewhat hard and small for a pregnant cervix, but nothing

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Sliada depressa, Watson, Bot. King's Exp. 294 (1871).

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