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den decrease in pulmonary arterial tension following the tempor-

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of the province of Maflachufetts-Bay." The fame- author, in

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mittee before it finds its way into the published Transactions.

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and then forward, until the neck of the tumor was divided, when the tumor

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is impossible to arise from the perusal of these addresses

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tains of medical learning throughout the country, and there

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Dr. Thos. S. Bullock : I do not believe there is any doubt of there

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preserved, and contains a channelled coagulum, the end of which pro-

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also be successful even if the wound is not closed ; there have

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one near the part, would have caused death. Recovery

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taining their names and addresses will be found below (p. xxiL).

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tuberculosis is not a disease of breed or type, and we know quite

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I may add that two years ago last winter, there was an

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vasomotor apparatus in pneumonia, Am. J. Physiol., 1914, xxxv, 1.

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Fig. 2 a. Upper dorsal portion, below the area of transverse myelitis. The

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cough that takes all the nerve out of the patient, keeping him de-

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plaster^ or if a doctor cannot be had^ to soak the plaster in water

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down and the new Houses of Parliament, the present Bank

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which, being argued, the court refused to grant ; whereupon the

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museum upstairs, among other curious ex- ments to the fullest expansion of the lungs,

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to describe. An incision is made through the skin all round the

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mate, especially when compared with sporadic cases of over-

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trotomy, which is pointed out by theory as the best surgical treatment of inter-

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to close the perforation. It is veiy doubtful how long such stitch-

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able the students to appreciate the technical language of medicine, and

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mediately e^tpressed doubts of his being able to help

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diseases of the lungs, heart, and larger blood vessels; in short, in all

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tonsils be much enlarged, I apply a bran and oatmeal poultice

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hypertrophied, muscle firm ; auricle somewhat dilated. Right ventricle

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ordinary worth — one whose career was marked by much that