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Any student who does justice to this book will acquire, in our

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A Discussion on the Methods of Induction of Anjesthesia.

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accumulations of mocus or macerated membrane." Muriated tincture of iron,

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another, that a lesion occupying the one is apt more or less to interfere

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(1) That in many (;ases of the disease, probably the

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bludgeons in this direction, with terrible effect. Local injuries

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it is resorted to, the better. A single bleeding at this time is more effectual,

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yond that, if you do it will do harm. Milk as an article of diet is

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the use of cold as a therapeutic remedy will, we believe, occupy

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Penicillin is the usual drug of choice in the treatment

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the patient as no longer able to transmit the disease.

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Theoretically, because on one side, for one-half of the spheroidal

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Having made one form our own, we turn our attention immediately

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highly, to others he was indifferent ; he did not consider that

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investigation, a similar outbreak in Shelby, Montana, af-

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different voices. Is nasal obstruction — apart from gross lesions

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are often shorter. The fever is therefore sometimes called sub-

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cough, 3 deaths from scarlet fever, and 6 deaths from diarrhoeal

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all, the horn must be thick and tough, and animals which

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is, a more satisfactory epitome of the state of medical science at the present time than we

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(10 per cent.) may be added. For clothinjj: and bedding, the preferred disn

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a little thing, and takes a good eye, aided by a good microscope, to

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This case is presented because generalized petechiae

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solved ; for being a lawyer never sufficed to make a man an able

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related by each of the gentlemen here present. The abun-

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were absent. Natives of India were the chief or only victims of the

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the oedema of the lower extremities was explained by the continuance,

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Returning the next morning, I found she had vomited shortly