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be more speedy improvement. There is no swelling now or fever, but

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in smallpox and absent in syphilis, the conditions may be reversed. In the

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explained by there being a loss of fluid from the blood which

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with deaths in one year, 14,479 ; total deaths in same,

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of local causes; but here, also, it may be presumed that the local

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collated by Dr. Christopher Johnston, of Baltimore,

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Haegler found staphylococci and streptococci in the majority of his examina-

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articles, based on research, original concepts relative to

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about two hours afterwards. I found her just recovering from what appeared to

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mists, some say there is such a thing, and others that there is

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ant and congenial. If improvement occurs, mental exer-

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gall-bladder surgery, is to use fine silk and the needle. I

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extend to our newly elected president and officers our generous and

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should remain in this until there is free perspiration. Ice

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for this form of constitutional impairment the removal of the local cause will

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WiUiam Cullen at Hamilton, and had studied medicine for one session at

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mobilized : they came from the South and were not accustomed to

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Shore University Hospital. Students perform the ini-

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may be taken as a general index of the prosperity of the country.

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This is due, among other causes, to the liberation of the

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tenants. You have laid a good foundation, build care-

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that have shaped Merck's first century, it is our pleasure to join with the Phila-

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