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soft. But in a pneumonia of somewhat extensive development

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may be secondary to infections of the mouth and stomach.

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with the outer surface of the surrounding calvaria ; they are

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Green, F. B. Greenough, W. H. H. Hastings, D. H. Hayclen, R. M.

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the' pernor n? urethU" masturbation, and sexual excess. Among

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The patient's strength should be sustained throughout by

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of which were sent to hospital, where eight of them proved

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in the capillaries, and arterioles of the bulb, with bulbar ischajmia, and even

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Dr. R. R. Moses, Kenyon, vice president ; Dr. C. W.

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giomas and those of the oral cavity may be best managed

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putting it (in a well buttered pan) into the oven. Bake it for

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quantity is still greater, according to his observation, in the

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daily, smaller doses being quite futile in preventing outbreaks of the

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must date in the second decade of the seventh century.

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half of a woman's waist may be transferred from her belt to her

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semesters of elective time may be eligible to enroll as predoctoral

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the doctor shall forfeit twenty-five cents, to be deducted

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of one part to another. Let us devote a short space to a few observa-

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into his hospital, and forward the card with the next report of sick

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any hope that in the immediate future (nii knowledge of the

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fectly, while in this city, but on her return home the irrita-

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obtain specific information on outbreaks reported in 1984 in

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tions. In the former case it is still frequently possible to detect the

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orbit, an incision for its exit should be made at an early stage, exploration

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with contracture of the right hand. Hysterical contracture may

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cerous stricture, although made with great care and

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at one of the conferences Dr. Witter of Schenectady showed