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Studies on the Lesions Produced by the Action of Certain Poisons on the
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The shadow of enlarged bronchial glands is different from that of the
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pathological increase in the tendon reflexes pupillary rigidity etc.
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it was philosophically unsound to attempt to treat these patients by
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ment in Case on opening the abscess was immediate and
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fying his diagnosis by autopsy. As the history of the cases did
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accompanied by a gradual and insidious elevation of tem
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ting upon the head of the bone in front. As soon as this
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yzed to the extent that it lay powerless by his side at
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and the patient for instance immediately after a hearty dinner
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potatoes be excluded from the menu and a good hour before bedtime be
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Through the Middle Ages the single Aristotelian conception of the meaning
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James Paget s Essays. Recovery was slow and the limbs never regained their
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stance or a debilitated state of the animal may first lead to swelled