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reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department,

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incision made in the course of the dilated ducts, there came a gush of

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recovered — a very rare occurrence in the face of such symptoms.

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tion. Death took place from exhaustion. At the autopsy, made

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means the blood is diverted from its proper channels, so that

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death) the temperature ranged from 99° to 102°, pulse

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A.S regards the frequency of pelvic inflammation, I

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These findings having indicated that, under favorable condi-

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orbital nerve. He had twitching of the muscles of the face. Decided

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Diphtheria. The eruptive fevers. Mumps. Erysipelas. Wound

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the posterior wall of the pylorus. The whole anterior

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systole. The murmur is caused by the passage of the blood through the

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things, a little gratuitous advice became an absolute necessity,

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and bark, are needed. On the contrary when there is resistance,

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investment. Contraction of the brows indicates pain in the head;

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two or three days before the race. This will contribute

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have undoubtedly brought to light many facts, some of which are

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to Retirement” in the February issue 1 misses the point.

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show great industry on the part of the members of that body.

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*• Clinical histori/. — Several recorded cases show that, when small and un-

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during the time it gives forth its clamorous note is

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who, having had several attacks, learn to give themselves relief. If

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fore the opening of the School in September, on the

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surface while the radial lies nearer the anterior plane. The radial

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gestion, he has treated other cases of pertussis by

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tion for food was sent to him from Lancashire. The disinclination for food

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attended with more or less pain, tenderness, and tumefaction, and