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decided intellectual degradation when they are affected. The
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becomes more diseased, the swellings spread and become
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10. Though Mr. Syme appears to have been in error in speaking of the old
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Surgically, various procedures have been used — pylorectomy,
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friends. He coidd not conceal his utter abhorrence for the arrogant.
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and all the alkaloids frequently given to patients.
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in both of which the results appear to be excellent.
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detemuDing^ the localisation of the eruption ; jast aa in
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ulceration being of syphilitic origin, the acid nitrate might be resorted to, but
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lished in a recent number of the Deutsche Medicinische Wochenschrift by
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The ambulance made 1,581 trips during the year, in connection with
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Institutions for the Insane?" In that paper Dr. Stone took
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with in the prodromal stage of tuberculous meningitis.
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function of the different organ systems in health and disease, building
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malarial districts. In such cases I would recommend the flnid extract of Ptrsea seed. In my own
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to spend his wages with decency, and return in due time to his ship,
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of this meeting Dr. Charles Knight sent a patient to me
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and third occasion when the noise was repeated ; after this it
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due to tuberculosis. Of these 450 were under 5 years of age; 238
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each fit. Occasionally the potash loses its power to act, then change to
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{d) Injection of fluids into the cyst after removal of some of its contents. — •
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a cup of molasses, a tea-cupful of chopped suet, meal
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rest in the fact that it must be introduced by a case
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the age and condition of the chiUl, the .imount of lung involved, and
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We have then, a parallel history in the olfactory placode, for there
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general morbid change. Dr. Broadbent's argument that the cardiac and vas-
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severe and patients developed undue emotional reactions
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of the older writers — is essentially a disease of childhood,
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I do not believe any man is wise enough to say just what ought to be done