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A.B., Uniy. Dublin ; Member of the Royal Irish Academy, &c., Ac

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nous malformations of the cavernous sinus via the superior ophthalmic vein AJNR

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During convalescence when the temperature remains normal for a variable

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given in solution does not check an intermitting fever the practitioner may

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pear-shaped head (Fig. 18, A and B) (1-5-2 mm.) is provided with four

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1898 a. — Oxyuris vermicularis <Pediatrics, N. Y. & Lond., v. 6 (3), Aug., pp.

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designed for the care of the insane, and is totally unfit as

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to the skin, and subsequently advances in the nerve-trunks.

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what is this pill tizanidine hcl 4mg

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Currier, Charles G., 75 W. oSth St., New York, New York Co.

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•66902 Austen, Sir W. C. R. Introduction to the study of

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ptosis of the right upper lid, right external strabismus of the eye

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still remains for consideration the further question whether,

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of the seventh cervical vertebra, and the reading at the