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always been fairly temperate. His height was 5 ft. 9^ in., and his
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the disease. Let me remark, that you will not see the disease at the
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obstruction occurs within the trachea posterior to the usual point
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Sandal-Vfood and Oil of Sandal-wood, vol. v, p. 526
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intense leucocytic infiltration of the submucous tissue ; oedema
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on palpation. The patient had no disturbance with her vision ; no
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formed with regularity and ease. But the individual, little by Httle,
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•nch a ooantity as to completely fill a chamber veeeel. This
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curs. We can not tell from the volume tracing itself which of these
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1951 . Leivy, Frank E., Wm. Penn House, 1919 Chestnut St. (19103)
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very severe inflammation, which is very apt to destroy the sight.
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a comprehensive and difficult study, and has a most important bear-
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in blood pressure and pulse, and the symptoms vary in intensity with
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that at least part of any free acid formed would combine with the
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after you have assisted in delivery. Organ becomes swollen is of reddish
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request of Dr. Joseph Price, of Philadelphia, in the latter's
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tolic bruit, of medium pitch, heard with one or two
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2 The Climatic Treatment of Consumption, a Contribution to Med-
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along the centuries, marking the toilsome and broken
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of circumstances, nor was it forced upon the eclectic physicians
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attendants in hospitals have contracted the disease. The cadaver contains
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this substance. From these inquiries he draws the following conclusions : — 1. Commercial
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exaggerated reflex showing extension to the lateral col-
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need not stand in the way, when it is remembered that suppuration like-
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the swelling of their epithelial lining, also appear wider (swol-
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prevent all possible distortions during its tender days/"* The
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ing toward the production of this disease in the horse.
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fever in animals, the many definite types of fever curves in man indicate