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them in these sterile dishes and cover them with an antiseptic

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Case I. — On August 10th, 1905, Mrs. W., a rather delicate woman,

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ever free from minute air-bubble spaces, owing to the lead being

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tea-pot ; two such actual cases have been commented

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election to member.'?hip and 5 for reinstatement; the final result

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cases reported in the three previous years were 3,706,

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isms producing them, although it is not known in what way, and they cannot

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almost entirely soluble in water. The solution changes

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been sufficiently studied. I have already spoken of

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" renders its coming out difficult-, namely its being

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rule, correcting instead of substituting. Why does this

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expertise and write up grant proposals along those lines

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eases from the earliest history of medicine, and are handed down

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the graduate nurse, so the financial help to the moderate purse is

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bacilli have been found in the affected area at autopsy.

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but the patient was found dead in his bed on the twelfth morning.

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We then determined to bleed her freely and make another effort at ver-

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them (perhaps all) bifurcate in the usual way into ascending and

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medical organizations, that those of a local character find it a

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is not a medium adapted for obtaining first cultures of the pneumococcus,

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a continuous secretion of gastic juice was present; this

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agar there was a mixture of bacillary, granular, and streptococcoid

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tried medicine, baths, brushes, and massage without help. He now has six in use by his patients.

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to medical men to be extremely cautious in signing any printed