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Vice-Presidents. — Drs. W. T. Lusk, of New York, and

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renal tumor. On closure of the ureter of the diseased side,

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terion in pathological classification ; it furnishes also valuable

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cided tendency to revert to the original Chinese type.

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position and structure, best calculated for this work,

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mercial importance: First, their flesh can be preserved

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and he died before the abdominal wound could be closed. After

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condition afforded by the osteophytes already aUuded to upon its surface ;

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stone moving either way. Other stones remaining in the

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were not inconsiderable, the idea that cremation would render crime diffi-

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both the clinical history of the case and the blood.

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of fifty-five in good standing. iVrrangements were in progress to still

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sensitiveness to pressure along the affected nerves. He could also

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well, having been named about 1850 in honour of the first Lord

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cases of multiple chancre where, after a week or ten days, one

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was any active malpractice action against me and whether

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worthy of a prize, w T ill be entitled to a premium of three hundred

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and none of the cases have been fatal. In sixteen cases he has

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is at least suggestive, and it is hoped that those in authority

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•5914 Chauveau, A. Comparative anatomy of the domesticated

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conspicuous temporal veins. They have generally grown rap-

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syphilitic treatment and put on a soft diet. She gained 18 pounds in twenty-