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(From the Medical Service of Dr. Thomas McCrae and the Department for Diseases

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wound of exit, which may be of practically the same size,

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after which the latter part of the treatment should be continued

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These 'j[)08t- mortem appearances, conjoined with the description of

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nephrin. — After giving suprarenal extract in 3-grain doses, three times

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way of getting a definite idea of what was being done

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composed of a few carpels, containing numerous black seeds ; bark tough and

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can’t afford not to consider it when you’re consid-

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through pain. There is considerable photophobia, the tongue is white, and the

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a law governing opticians the same as governs the practice of

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morning and evening, with bean meal and rice water as

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be given ; and thus life may be prolonged even for a few years.*

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Convalescence from all diseases. Pulmonary Affections, Pneumonia, Phthisis; Dys-

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Warm dry air produces the most comfortable sensations and

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servatives themselves, though agreeing in their gen-

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Baltimore, save in connection with the removal of the

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proved to be elusive, ongoing research appears promising

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To be capable of profitable servitude, a people must be capable of at-

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the presumption that every practitioner is regularly

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Three years later she had a third attack of depres-

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altogether, the power of phonating a few vowels being all that remains.

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use of measures which would not only relieve many of the