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two or three drachms of fluid extract of Indian hemp. These
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Retardation of the pulse after the administration of ery-
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bacteria immediately increased in number until they reached forty to sixty per
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outside steel support for the affected limb. In this support there is an
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she could hardly get up stairs without assistance. I directed her to
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ure of the abdominal cavity after laceration of its
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on the previous occasion. From this time he remained free from the
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body, but also includes the more strongly marked local manifesta-
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attachment the rods curve round the blades, and are bent at an
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ceased entirely. Post-mortem Cjesarian section ; child lived
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of thermal waters, and their value to the race of man.
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ineffectual cure from a half dozen physicians, sometimes getting
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In this case, apply, after having well cleansed the
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Steam heating is the same in principle as the low-pressure hot-
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vegetable material is manipulated, viz., the distillation of
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cemia bacillus (1) a source of error was detected which apparently
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in the course of an hour; as the pain increases, the breathing increases
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Case VIII. — Hermann St., laborer from Neumiihlen, thirty-two years of age, was
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Mr. Haner, Chairman of the State Board of Live Stock Com-
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nearly accurate is the mean result, and the more closely does it oorrespond
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and the septum being so thin that the fluid collected within protrudes
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was a zone of dilated capillaries, while the veins of
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sible to trace it. Following the operation the abducens paralysis
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subject, I have only had access to such authorities as were
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Middlesex County component and of the American Medical
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June 10-1 1— Neonatal Resuscitation Program Provider Course. Chil-
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Syrup of Senna, L. — Senna, 8i oz., bruised fennel, 10
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Intestines thin — their mucous membrane quite strikingly pale, only here and
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use, it ia only to dissolve some of the powder in a seasonable quantity
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partial paralysis for fifteen days and then gradually rec o vered.
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quitoes, that within the memory of the oldest resident these insects had not
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hear again, and converts by auto-suggestion comparatively slight