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home but more often causes an attack of diarrhoea or even of colitis.

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pleteness and rapidity of the curative action have been astounding.

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an account of the means and appliances of conveying the wounded and

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has led us to the discovery of four normals the maintenance of

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trace of them being found the following day. The patient believed

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have occurred had ether been employed in place of chloroform. I

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this murmur had misled him into a diagnosis of aortic valvular

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cases and a special ward also for diseases peculiar to women.

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ETIOLOGY. The subjects of Wasting Palsy are mostly found among

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Knowing only that it was a sort of open air game with athletic

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chafing and gradually culminate in the full bath at F.

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the Medical Faculty is authorized to provide a scholarship

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lescence and in most of the cases some quinine was given

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Journal elicits many expressions of regret that it is not enlarged pledges to

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bloody points occurred on cutting into the cerebral mass.

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mother in the essentials of infant hygiene with the public

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the following conclusions as to the pathogenesis and development of

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WITH Special Reference to the Use of Graphic Methods. By T. Stuan

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child was born. Macllwaine has reported the cases of mother and child.

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the patient during that period. Children who are properly nourished

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