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Brooklyn Hospital, visiting obstetrician to the Bush-
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ing in Cincinnati, May 8th, 1850. By J. C. Warrex, M. D., President of the
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ruined my church, bankrupted myself, and leaves my little family
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from which, in the sixty-second year of his age, our still happy
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mended. The paper is by R. Hardy, Esq., 31 Jl.C.S., etc.
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right into the nasal passage through the thin bone at the bottom of the
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one of alleviation, and that this result is not gained
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destroyed the sight, and produced symblepharon of the lower
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or tophaceous matter. Other occasional morbid appearances appear to
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called Christian Scientist, we differ in toto, even to the extent
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tongue as far forward as possible, whilst I raised the epiglottis
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But still, if the common experience be In accordance with ray
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equally large and more numerous? In the process of ossification, this
did not result, we may conclude that the pathogenesis of this
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quent local ones. It seems to me that we can regard the
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the changes in the discs were no doubt developed very gradually. This
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lines which correspond to the inspiratory rise, the line of the full
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bers of inmates and the problems they bring with them .
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is hard and does not relax. In the same way the fundus, as a rule,
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"Tubercular Meningitis," by Landou Carter Gray, is a first-rate paper,
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burned ox-horn p- X- xii. of myrtle oil and wine, three glassfuls. Or that which
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The above is the formula of an English itinerant doctor,
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their opinions as to the causes and rational treatment of each case,
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with the kind of carbon and with the active electro-motive
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and with other facts relating to the case, we shall be able to
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dyspneic on slight exertion, and those whose vital capacity was lowest
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culation ; an excretion easily examined, and to whose
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form of disease the name pyartlirosis. He attributes the pyaemia, in cases
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world that is its equal. Its organization is so simple and
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cago, 111., April T and B, 1898. 15. F. Pry BR, M. D.,
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no standing water. The surface, having different hygro-
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