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many of the racial peculiarities, such as the high-
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ease, is not this a reason why brandy-treat-; looked. Often have I been called to see a
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of strangulation. This woman made a good recovery, though, owing to
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berides summaries of the medical, surgical, and obstetrical cases
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died a sot lately. His son, a clergyman, died soon after, of de-
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a new method, and attempted to effect respiration by means of a
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uterine disorder has attracted attention, it has been recommended to
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officinal " carbolic acid" of the U. S. Pharmacopoeia. Carbol should not
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Hospital. B.S. 1941, City College, City University of
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I entered. It is a common but erroneous notion, that Cathartics
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this agent kills ttie itch parasite, applied it in practice amongst children. After
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gout, and one intimately linked with the subject which I have just
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Hypostatic Congestion and Pneumonia These are especially likely to
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from the mouth to the anus was excorated ; and Lancisi, contrary
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other tissues which originally coexisted with them fall into
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publication of the Wharton Report in 1969 and the enact-
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If it is brought to a head by poulticing, the skin being
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learnt from him afterwards some curious particulars as
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complete, favors hemorrhage and sepsis and renders reduc-
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quisite tenderness on ]iressure, over the third lumbar spinous jirocess, co-
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organisms do not seem of themselves to be harmful but through their
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be feeble below the navel, on the right side. It lessens in
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right lung passing behind the other great vessels : /, /, /, /, pulmonary veins, bringing oxygenated
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The distribution of ASPN patients by race and risk factors
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hand, we see that in any trouble to the cortical portion there would be
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It seems to the writer more probable that it was due to pyogenic bacteria
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the target would, if wholly concentrated in the lead, raise its tem-
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no assistance to see the difference between the genuine
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mum, and a marked degree of dropsy is wont to develop.
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Hence it is to the general medical practitioner that we must look for
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all events it was of great advantage in preventing an useless loss of blood — by
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little or no " boiled " taste. Two points are capable of improvement.
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softening could be felt. The operation was difficult, as the
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SOULE, Horatio S., Winthrop — 1856. M. D. (Bowd.) 1854.