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Corresp.-Blatt. fiir Schweizer Aerxte, 1884, No, 2, p. 33. — 113. Wells. Journal of

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lesions of the vascular system of the brain has every day

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JR., male, ml. 60, ooffee-hoose keeper, came to me in the

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Voluntary movements are more or less interfered with, when involuntary

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His present residence and address is Fort Randall, Da-

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in 19, in all of which there was endocarditis. Osier has since

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cellular tissue beneath the common integuments. This is readily

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brother practitioner with scorn ; who echoes the popular voice, by

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invention consists of a neat well constructed little saddle,

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trenches that we can conceive of, while within public health the urgent

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in which Joe Smith died, contracted the disease, and died in

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vene. The duration of the hunger period varies from one-half to one and

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country, is that from whatever part of India the subjects come, the

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permitting reflux of blood from the aorta, the morbid sound will

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and so forth, are frequent causes. Eye strain — as in hypermetropia

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thesia w r ere produced, that the operation had to be put off" till next day.

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up towards the auricle by the blood filling the ventricle

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than heretofore. The death rate has also been lower, 2.83 per

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determined therefore to adopt the method which was shown

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subsided the biniodlde of mercury ointment should be used to

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known to be more prevalent in damp than in dry districts,

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the order of nature by an ^gent in which there is a

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tic origin were curable without mercury, we began to think that

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the level of the cartilage. Begin by notching the tibia, then com-

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tunnel formed by carpal bones, flexor tendons, and trans-

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gallons a day be obtained, at an expenditure of about

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charged with interfering seriously with respiration and with

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then withdrawn, the chain was passed along the canula and made to

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RWch, or injected into the veins. Such are the resins of Scam-

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These facts, coupled with the additional one that during

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fed pork, and break the bone; simmer gently, in 8 gal-