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Nervensystems, 1879. — 11. Koschewnikofb. Archives de Neurologic, 1883, vi. 356. —
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free from institutional atmosphere or appearance, and
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quantity of light urine, she lost, on an average, 17.90 gnns. of albumen daily.
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do every thing myself ; but the oppogiiion of all the
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to get something down, but all to no purpose; he was determ-
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weight of 8.5 kilos, the plasma sugar was 0.256 per cent without glycosuria.
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for a portion of a day, I was requested by Dr. A. T. Van
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of such operations show, perhaps owing to extensive intestinal
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soap and water, or with ether. The dose is from five to 30 minims, but
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that it may be the sole cause of certain psychoses, probably no one
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usually is, then boil and eat it ; or what is still more efficient, put a pound or more
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room. She had had no rise of temperature since the first two days of the
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been the cortical localisations of Professor Flechsig of Leipzig.
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ntefus higher than that of the vagina. Since this higher temperature of the
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the nerve centres at fault in the brain, particularly the emotional and
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easQy boerated or torn by me fingers; the spleen was
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napolis in May, 1891 ; delegate to the Pan-American Medical Congress held in
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with much satisfaction. I have given it in water, in milk,
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with the faeces, as is sometimes the case with the ordinary tided copsules.
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deafness may occur from the same cause. Paralyses of the various motor
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mucus is sticky and readily becomes frothy ; the conjunctiA'ae become red ;
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cient for the general interpretation that the substance which in
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of human life ; — charities, literature, science, art, the
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followed by chorea and mitral endocarditis; since that time she has had
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salt forms woolly, cream- colored needles which show [a] d = +47.7°
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the rest are innocuous. The number of bacteria in the
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less than 2>°f ; and the same ratio from Canada.
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of the influence which destruction of liver cells (by phosphorus, chloro-
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for the detection of lodged foreign bodies ; and (2) a description
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always been fairly temperate. His height was 5 ft. 9^ in., and his
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the orbital walls, meningitis, cerebral abscess, or tetanic con-
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not far distant when lie will be brought back to a just appreciation
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