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distressing, particularly the intra-cranial bruit, so that the sufferers are

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results are due to the fact that the tendinous region

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and sulfuric acids as in the preparation of dinitro-quinine by Rennie,^

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sometimes be obviated by adding about half a drachm of Tincture

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vice in the differential diagnosis between incipient phthisis and

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passage directly through the parts opposed to it ; but was also

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thighs ; the legs were tender and ."omewhat swollen.

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ing every approved method of treatment, we were conscious of seeing

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was brought to an abrupt conclusion by his detection

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Dementia pnecox was found to be extremely frequent, and, on

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Their sputum and throat findings are similar to our own in that they

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varying in size from the thickness of a match to the size

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and extended knowledge of natural causes and effects.

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at least twenty per cent, to their appearance, and often

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Brower, Ross Belin. Assistant Professor of Public Health.

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throat with which the attack was dated may not haA^e been a symptom

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chemistry in his spare time, discovered among other things that

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tice, strongly recommends in serious cases Avith marked heart failure the

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opened the abdomen, emptied the bladder by incision