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of the right hypochondrium produced by the contracted intestine.
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exogenous origin are characterised by early affection of the nerve-cells
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To investigate this question, cultures were made from the throats
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Third Annual Meeting, held at Washington, Sept. 18, 19 and 20.
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Upon placing him in the recumbent position, I found a well marked
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lady, who had been afflicted for seven years with this
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during the week, 3 were discharged, and 101 cases remained under
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of all means to guard against disease, pestilence, or con-
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advises the patient to drink two ounces of lime-water after each
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larity in the blood of horses that exist in men, as
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state of exhaustion with semi-coma following severe infantile diarrhoea,
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accident, exploration of the abdomen was the correct
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An experience of three years convinced him that much
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used in ophthalmic practice. It contains something over 300 pages,
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are essentially cumulative, and giving birth to the addition
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Several small dark bro^^Ti h^emorrhagic areas were scattered through
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stricture, particularly of the variety known as " irritable
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ligatures, or as seen when a loop of intestines becomes strangu-
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again in 1869. In the last-named article I made the
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and then packed with small strips of iodoform gauze.