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Psychiatry. Professional Associate, New York Hospital.

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a series of lectures on Tuberculosis, in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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with the probable short stay of the regiment on the

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'^Ziiblin, E., Beitrag zur Kenntnis der roten Ruhr des Rindes (Dysenteria

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antine, which we have recently had occasion to discuss

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mine how far their vitality was impaired by heat. —

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mentioned here as illustrating a point in infection. By far

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by spasm of the respiratory muscles, especially the glottis. Sudden

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ing to this, those parts of the plant which could float

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elevate the temperature, and it is more than probable that the

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phenol solutions. As to failures — well, they never made good

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It isswell now and then to be reminded of the debt we owe to the great men of the

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I shall close this article by introducing a selection from

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on myself, and 5 Ma on Dr. Jeffries; with the " me-

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for some scrofulous affections the use of poultices of sea-weed.

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The general appearance of the larynx, only secured by applying

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claim to either priority nor monopoly to my ideas propounded in

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motor-cars, motor-cabs and omnibuses, or electric trams.

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July 14^/i. — I administered chloroform with difficulty, and

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up and in a few hours formed a layer of foam several centimeters thick.

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change was not pleasant at first, as I gave up the use of salt and

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suitable electric stimulation, nearly all the phenom-

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