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and the moral well-being of our nature.; of the Medical College of Louisiana, and

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the peritonaeal cavity reopened for the relief of acute septic

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grass are excellent for diseases of the bladder; the two

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applicable should be resorted to. Dr. Wheaton's notes show

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ing schools, and one is safe in saying that the nurse of to-day who

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Hood, M.B., formerly House Surgeon.] — J. N., aet. 5^ years, was

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five days after the breaking up of the organization.

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5.3 to 16.4). Blockwise analyses revealed that adjustment for

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ing him dependent — "On Copyrights" — "On the Applica-

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Case 3. — This is a very remarkable case of irregularity of the heart's

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days of the administration, these results being obtained at a time of

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What is the potential liability exposure of a physician who