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them to confine themselves to the real issue ; so shall science
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was found for which no cause was discovered. Fortunately in these cases
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ment of its nervous matter to the capillary vessels, and mechanical
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this assistance, but in many doubtful ones it has served to distin-
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fully'benefited. He had a tuberculous condition of the rectum.
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every antiseptic or other solution which is brought into application in
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may pro^-e serviceable. In " nervous dyspepsia," as
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Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania;
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a musty, or sour, cheese -like odor, possesses an aromatic and fruity
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Professor James M. Beattie, M.B., The University, Sheffield,
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of the proportional dimensions of those of some antique statues.
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typhoid or typhoid fever, in which the Micrococcus tetragenus, a
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Murillo, Praun and Potterin, 1911, "Le Diagnostic bacteriologique du cholera," Paris.
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We do not believe in special providences, but some who do,
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Symptoms of pyaemia. — The symptoms of pyaemia are by no
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(2) cystotomy, perineal or suprapubic; (3) castration or vasec-
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separation with fracture and separation of the internal condyle.
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the end of the split (Fig. 418). Tighten the suture, which will have
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dangers. The sky, however, was clearing, and as a good
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meeting of the State Medical Society, which deseiTe
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under the above described conditions, have been quite ineffectual ; so, in the
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Patients die of peritonitis generally, not because its
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present, as regards malignant neoplasms, the majority of inves-
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make any man's opinion on such sanitary problems as this